Tuba: Mark Vehrencamp

Mark Vehrencamp is a railroader by day and professional tuba player by night. Mark could be keeping it classy with Vancouver Symphony, the Big Horn Brass, PDX Brass, and the Oregon Symphonic Band. He could be ripping up the charts with Mary Flowers and the BBQ boys, and various other jazz groups in town. Or he could be going old school with a traveling folk orchestra.

Mark grew up in Southern California, but moved north to attend the University of Oregon and begin his career in the Pacific Northwest. He received his BM in music education and became the band and orchestra director at Oregon City High School.

His journey into music began with playing the piano, then violin, but found his true calling with trombone, and soon after, the tuba. Mark joined the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra (VSO) in 1999. His passion for playing the tuba sparked an expansion of his collection to include seven tubas, each with its own special musical purpose.

In addition to the VSO, Mark has played with the Oregon Symphony, Eugene Symphony, Portland Columbia Symphony, Portland Festival Symphony, Portland Chamber Orchestra and Big Horn Brass. An accomplished jazz musician, Mark has played with Barney Bigard, Ed Garland and most recently Dick Hyman, Ken Peplowski, and Rebecca Kilgore.

Mark is the proud father of two and for the past 40 years has exercised his daytime passion as a locomotive engineer for the Southern Pacific/Union Pacific Railroad.

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