Tuba: Mark Vehrencamp

Mark grew up in Southern California, but moved north to attend the University of Oregon and begin his career in the Pacific Northwest. He received his BM in music education and became the band and orchestra director at Oregon City High School.

Mark joined the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra in 1999. His passion for playing the tuba sparked an expansion of his collection to include eight tubas, each with its own special musical purpose. 

Mark has played with the Oregon Symphony, Eugene Symphony, Portland Columbia Symphony, Portland Festival Symphony, Portland Chamber Orchestra and Big Horn Brass.

Mark is the proud father of two and for the past 40 years has exercised his daytime passion as a locomotive engineer for the Southern Pacific/Union Pacific Railroad. Mark is a proud lifetime member of the American Federation of Musicians Local 99.

Mark Veherencamp at our Holiday concert
Mark Veherencamp
Mark Veherencamp, playing tuba outside near a fountain