Big Horn Brass was founded in 1983 by Andrew Harris. The performers are thirteen brass and two percussion, the finest you will hear anywhere. They combine their diverse musical skills and love of music with exacting perfection from each element in their repertoire.

Our Mission

The mission of Big Horn Brass is to enrich the quality of life in Oregon by providing high quality music performances to community audiences, providing new brass repertoire through original compositions and arrangements, and fostering music education in schools and concert halls.

Our Goals

  • Performances – Provide inspirational performances for our audiences
  • Artistic Development – Provide artistic development and inspiration for musicians
  • New Music – Commission new repertoire for large brass ensembles
  • Outreach – Connect with, grow, and diversify our audience
  • Education – Provide inspiration and support for local music students
  • Sustainability – Build a sustainable organization

Our Music

Hallmarks of a Big Horn Brass performance are diversity and originality. Programs may include movie themes from Disney and composer John Williams, Beatles tunes, classical, romantic, renaissance, ragtime, marches, brass band, patriotic, civil war, contemporary, original, and even big band charts. We also feature commissioned works that are unique and fun.

But Big Horn Brass is best known for our Christmas show. This concert typically includes original arrangements from the Stan Kenton Library; unique and compelling arrangements by Oregon’s Phil Neuman and Washington’s William Berry; traditional favorites for classical brass by Leroy Anderson and James Burden, soaring melodies by movie composer Jerry Fielding; and engaging performances by one of our outstanding jazz vocalists.

Our Instruments

You will see and hear the brass family of trumpets, horns, trombones, euphonium, and tuba along with percussion.

In addition to the modern brass family you will be delighted to hear the traditional Swiss alphorn. The alphorn is a 2,000-year-old tradition. Swiss mountain herdsmen still use the alphorn to call home their cows for the evening milking as the chill of the night air settles in the deep alpine valleys.

Our Performance

In addition to a fine musical performance, Big Horn Brass is informative and connects on a personal level with audience member of all ages.

Big Horn Brass 2019 Abby Bach Festival Performers

Wednesday, July 24th Brass Quintet:
Bruce Dunn, Trumpet
Scott Winks, Trumpet
Dan Partridge, Horn
Ron Babcock, Trombone
John Ohnstad, Bass Trombone
Thursday, July 25th -Trombone Quartet:
Ron Babcock, Tenor Trombone
Lars Campbell, Tenor Trombone
John Warton, Tenor Trombone
John Ohnstad, Bass Trombone
Friday, July 26th Brass Quintet + Organ:
Bruce Dunn, Trumpet
Scott Winks, Trumpet
Dan Partridge, Horn
Ron Babcock, Trombone
John Ohnstad, Bass Trombone
Paul Klemme, Organ

Board of Directors

Chair: Andrew Harris
Secretary: Chuck Weswig
Treasurer: Tom Bland, CPA
David Bryan
John Ohnstad

Audio/Video Production:  On Scene Digital Audio Recording
Photographer: Darrel Meisenheimer

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